Vaccination Crisis

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Table of Contents

EMERGENCY: What to do if you must take immediate action to avoid having your child vaccinated.


Chapter 1 - Adult Mass Vaccination Danger: Introduction to Bugs, Gas, and Nukes.

Chapter 2 - The Smallpox Vaccine.

Chapter 3 - Emergency Home Remedies for Smallpox.

Chapter 4 - The Anthrax Vaccine.

Chapter 5 - The History of Biological Weaponization.

Glossary& Bibliography

PART TWO: The Childhood Vaccines


Chapter 6 - The 'Mandatory' Vaccinations.

Chapter 7 - The Other Vaccines

Chapter 8  - Looking Deeper: How did Vaccinations Begin?

Chapter 9   - EMERGENCY- When the Crisis Arrives.

Chapter 10   - More on Avoiding Vaccination.

Chapter 11  - Still More on Avoiding Vaccinations. Includes State Laws.

Chapter 12  - Additional Information: Toxic Material in Vaccines etc. 



All information, data, and material contained, presented, or provided here, is for general information purposes only and is not be construed as reflecting the knowledge or opinions of the publisher, and is not to be construed or intended as providing medical or legal advice.
The decision whether or not to vaccinate is an important and complex issue and should be made by you, and you alone, in consultation with your health care provider.


What You will Find in this Book:
This book will open up before your eyes the amazing story behind the vaccines which governments want to inject into your body, or the body of your child. You will find here a wealth of facts about both the adult vaccines (smallpox and anthrax), as well as nearly all the childhood vaccines. It is astonishing how many of them are dangerous. An immense number of source references are included.

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Chapter One - The proposed U.S. forced vaccination law. If it is enacted, Americans may be required to take dangerous vaccines.

Chapter Two - Smallpox and facts about the dangerous vaccine for it.

Chapter Three - Emergency Home Remedies for the treatment of smallpox.

In a terrorist crisis, if you cannot reach a physician or enter a hospital, in this chapter you will find possible home treatments you may use. But YOU DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! You are advised to contact your physician! This is a life and death matter; do not take chances!

Chapter Four - Anthrax and astounding information about its crippling vaccine.

Chapter Five - A brief, but remarkably complete history of biochemical warfare. Here are facts you need to know. You will learn why no vaccine can protect you against terrorist diseases and what you should do about it. List of 25 books which can tell you more about these deadly diseases and bio-warfare.


Chapter Five - All the mandatory childhood vaccines and their dangers. You and your loved ones need this information! The truth about SIDS, autism, childhood brain damage, paralysis, and death.

Chapter Six - The other six vaccines and problems with them.

Chapter Seven - The origins of vaccines. What is in them that makes them so dangerous? What happens when they enter the body. They cause degenerative diseases, life-long allergies, and affect the mind. Genetic mutations. Diet for childhood diseases,

Chapter Eight - Are childhood vaccines mandatory? The possibility of exemptions. Sources of information. If you are taken to court. A federal law you should know about. When traveling abroad or going into the military.

Chapter Nine - Toxic materials in specific vaccines. Sample letter for exemption. Physician’s Consent Form. Religious exemption status in all 50 States and the District. Online sources. List of 21 books and 188 research articles.

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