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HYDRO—Here are hydrotherapy treatments for several different urine difficulties. This brief summary is taken from the author's book, Water Therapy Manual (see book store), which will provide many more details on how to give the treatments:

Albumin in urine (Albuminuria): Hot Blanket Pack and other sweating measures to maintain cutaneous activity, repeated every 2-4 hours (p. 233).

Incontinence: Percussion Douche to spine, Neutral Sitz Bath, 15-30 minutes (p. 209).

Urine too acid: Free use of fruit and water drinking in the forenoon (p 249).

Urinary suppression: Hot Blanket Pack, followed by Dry Sweating Pack (p. 215).

Nocturia: Revulsive Sitz Bath. Begin at 100o and increase rapidly to 106o-115o F. (with a footbath at 110o-112o F.) for 3-8 minutes. Keep the head cool with cold cloths over forehead or around back of neck. Finish with a cold (55o-65o F.) pail pour to hips (p. 120).

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SYMPTOMS—Flow of urine is lessening. Great pain is felt in the bladder, and the odor of urine is on the body. Almost total suppression can produce extreme pain in the back and bladder, and even convulsions. There is always a great desire to urinate.

CAUSES—There can be a blockage of some type. See Kidney Problems, Bladder Problems, and other topics in this Urinary section.

Urine retention is generally caused by inflammation and swelling in the bladder and its outlet. Excess urine in it causes the bladder to enlarge, and can cause great pain.


Poor urine flow: Take a cold sitz bath (cold partial bath, as you sit in the bathtub). Stop using salt. Drink 2 quarts a day of 50-50 orange juice and water.

• Alternate method: Take a hot sitz bath repeatedly, followed by a short cold bath. If bedridden, apply hot, followed by short cold, over bladder, genital area, and entire length of spine.

• Give a high enema of catnip tea. This is important in helping the urine to again begin flowing.

• Drink more water and take herbs which increase urine flow. Corn-silk tea is the best; others include juniper berries, carrot tops, comfrey, plantain, cleavers, chickweed.

• Insert a soft catheter and draw out the urine. Steep the following in a quart of boiling water: 1 tsp. goldenseal and a half tsp. each of boric acid and myrrh. Strain through a fine cloth, and inject through a fountain syringe. Retain as long as possible. You can moisten the tip with slippery elm tea. Slipper elm is slippery!

• A cold shower often helps.

Stopped urine flow: Almost total urine suppression generally points to the kidneys as the problem.

• Put the person to bed; give him a very warm high enema of catnip tea. This will bring great relief. Also apply hot fomentations, wrung out of smartweed tea, to the bladder and lumbar region (small of back). Give 2-3 hot sitz baths in a bathtub, each day.

• An especially helpful remedy is a strong, hot as can be taken, tea of catnip, given as an enema. Drink it freely.

—Also see the kidney and bladder diseases in this Urinary section.

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INCONTINENCE—1 (Urinary Stress Incontinence)

SYMPTOMS—Occasional dribbling. An involuntary loss of urine, in very small amounts, accompanies coughing, sneezing, laughing, walking, running, lifting, or any sudden shock or strain.

CAUSES—Incontinence tends to occur in women more than men, although older men may also have it.

A wide variety of causes can be involved—including food allergies, hypoglycemia, multiple dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, cancer, stroke, injuries, and surgical damage.

Other causes include repeated births, poor pelvic floor tone, damage to pelvic floor by the physician at time of delivery, failure to do prenatal and postnatal exercises, visceroptosis, overweight, and poor abdominal tone.

It may follow a prolonged labor during childbirth, resulting from the stretching of the pelvic floor. If postpartum exercises are not done, this problem, which may disappear for years, may later return.

Incontinence is far less likely in the nullipara (women who have never delivered a child).


• The best pelvic floor exercises are variations of the Kegel exercise, and should begin early in pregnancy or before, and continue on to at least 3 months after childbirth. These exercises strengthen certain muscles.

• Slow urine flow and eventually stop it. Doing this helps you recognize the muscles involved. Later, practice stopping urine flow, hold for 1-2 seconds, and repeat 6-8 times as you urinate. You should eventually be able to stop urine flow completely with no leakage. Learn to slowly relax pelvic floor muscles in stages from full contraction to full relaxation.

• Practice tightening these muscles at various other times during the day. Repeat 6-8 times each session and 50-100 times a day. Hold each contraction for 2-5 seconds, then relax.

• When doing these exercises, do not hold your breath. Bear down; that is, push down on the pelvic floor or contract the buttocks, inner thighs, or abdominal muscles. When beginning, do not exhaust the pelvic muscles. Whenever contractions weaken, discontinue at that time. Build muscle strength slowly; there is no rush.

• Avoid alcohol, caffeine, tobacco, and grapefruit juice.

• Use cranberry juice instead.

• Reduce general fluid intake, but not too much.

• Avoid constipation.

• Lose weight.

• Go when you have to; do not wait, or you weaken bladder control.

• Double voiding is helpful: After voiding, stand up and sit down again. Lean forward slightly at the knees and try again.

—Also see "Incontinence—2." For incontinence in children, see "Bedwetting."

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INCONTINENCE—2 (J.H. Kellogg, M.D., Formulas)

TO INCREASE ENERGY OF BLADDER—Cold Plantar Douche for 1-2 minutes; Cold FootBath, using running water over the feet; Cold percussion Douche to hips and legs at 600-65o F.; Cold Douche to lower back; Cold Fan Douche, at 650 F., over bladder. Cold rubbing Sitz Bath. Colonic, begin at 1000 and lower 10 daily to 800 F.

RELIEVE VESICAL IRRITATION—Revulsive Sitz Bath; Hot Pack to pelvis; prolonged Neutral Sitz Bath, following Revulsive Sitz Bath. Neutral Douche to lower spine; Revulsive Douche to feet and legs.

IMPROVE GENERAL NERVE TONE—Cold Mitten Friction or Cold Towel Rub, Cold Pack to pelvis, general Cold Douche, Shallow Bath, Wet Sheet Rub.

—Also see "Incontinence—1."

HEMATURIA (Blood in Urine)

SYMPTOMS—Blood appears in the urine. Blood in the urine shows a smoky sediment, and is reddish brown. Urine may be slightly smoky, reddish, or very red.

CAUSES—Red, or reddish, urine may be due to blood in the urine, known as hematuria, and to senna or rhubarb, which may color the urine either brown or orange.

If the blood is well-mixed with the urine, it is probably from the kidneys. If it is clotted in tubular casts of ureters, it is from kidneys or ureters. If its is passed at the beginning of urination, it is from the urethra; if at the end, it is from the bladder.

Bleeding from the kidneys produces smoky urine, which may be bright red. Bleeding from the urethra is always bright red, and precedes urination. Bleeding from the urine vesicle produces bright red urine, which is not uniform.

Other causes of blood in urine can be a lesion of the urinary tract, contamination during menstruation, prostatic disease, tumors, poisoning (especially carbolic acid and cantharides), malaria, toxemias, and calculus (kidney stones).


• Apply a very cold water spray to the perineum.

• Read the other sections, below, in this urinary section, on urine, kidneys, and bladder.

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