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Wounds, Bruising

IMPORTANT—Look under the section, Childbirth and Children: Infant Problems and Childhood Problems, for many more skin diseases.


GENERAL SKIN CARE—The condition of your skin is a window to your lifestyle. Eat, work, rest, exercise properly, and take care of your liver. Avoid oils, fats, and fried foods. Take a cold shower every morning and a warm shower at night. Use less soap and never use strong soaps.

HYDRO—Here are several hydrotherapy applications. These hydrotherapy treatments will be found in more detail in the author's Water Therapy Manual (see book store), available from this publisher. Page numbers refer to that book.

SKIN DISEASES—Short, Cold Full Bath (pp. 124-125). But restrictions are listed as to who this can be used on.

BURNS—The Evaporating Compress; the Cold Irrigating Compress (cool, wet cloth over the area, to reduce heat or sprinkle water over it, to intensify the cooling effect); if very extensive, the Prolonged or Continuous Neutral Bath.

DRY SKIN—Sweating Wet Sheet Pack, oil rubbed on skin, Cold Mitten Friction, Cold Towel Rub; Wet Sheet Rub, Steam Bath, Hot-air Bath, Electric Light Bath, Sun Bath (p. 240).

ERUPTIONS—If dry, not irritable, give prolonged Neutral Bath. If scaly, alkaline bath (soda bath or oatmeal bath). If moist and irritable, cool evaporating compress moistened with soda solution (1 oz. to 1 gal.). If skin is thickened, as in chronic eczema, Hot or Alternate (hot and cold) Spray Douche or Compress for 10-15 minutes, 3 times a day. If extensively damaged skin (as in pemphigus, confluent smallpox, bad burns), the Continuous Neutral Full Bath until the skin is healed (p. 242).

ERYTHEMA—Cool Evaporating Compress or Irrigating Compress (p. 242).

SWEATING FEET—Revulsive Douche to feet, with extremes in temperature as great as possible; Alternate Hot and Cold Foot Bath, Heating Compress to feet during night, with Cold Mitten Friction of feet in the morning on arising (p. 243).

INACTIVE SKIN—Sweating process, followed by a cold bath (p. 180).

INCREASE SKIN CIRCULATION AND TONE—Short sweating procedures, followed by short cold applications— such as Wet Sheet Rub, Shallow Bath, or Cold Douche. Daily Cold morning Bath, Cold Towel Rub, Cold Shower, or Shallow Rubbing Bath. (p. 226).

PRURITUS—Prolonged Neutral Bath; copious water drinking; large enema; daily aseptic dietary (p. 242).

SKIN GRAFTS—Paraffin Bath (pp. 79-82).

SKIN SCALING—Neutral Alkaline Bath daily for 15 minutes to 1 hour (p. 241).

BRUISING (Contusions)

SYMPTOMS—Although the skin is not broken, the underlying tissue is injured. The result is some pain and swelling, and perhaps black and blue marks.

CAUSE—Contusions occur when the skin is injured, but the skin is not broken. Blood vessels have been ruptured, and thus have released blood into the surrounding tissue, including the skin.


•As soon as possible after an injury, place an ice pack on the bruised area and keep it there for 30 minutes. If done right away, this will keep it from swelling. Often the swelling does more damage than the bruise. Later apply a poultice of greens (fresh or dry), oatmeal, wheat bran, comfrey, or charcoal. Pulverize the charcoal, tie it in a cloth, wet it in warm water, and lay it over the bruise for several hours. Repeat until it is better.


• Strengthen the blood and vessels by eating a nourishing diet, rich in green leafy vegetables and fresh fruit. Buckwheat is also helpful; also vegetable juices containing carrot, celery, and beet.

• Take vitamin C, to bowel tolerance (be sure bioflavonoids are included), and vitamin E: 800-1,200 units daily. Go out in the sun and absorb some vitamin D. People with vitamin C deficiencies bruise more easily than do others, for their blood vessels are weaker. Also important is vitamin P (bioflavonoids).

—Also see "Easy Bruising."

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EASY BRUISING (Ecchymosis)

SYMPTOMS—Frequent and easily made bruising, when others around you do not seem to have this problem.

CAUSE—Low fiber diets, containing little fruit and vegetables. In other words, junk foods such as coffee, tea, white flour products, and soft drinks.


• Improve your diet. Take alfalfa tablets and a good vitamin-mineral supplement 2-3 times a day.

• Frequent bruising indicates that the body's clotting factors are not strong. Take more vitamin K. Vitamin D is another natural clotting factor. Take care of yourself—and don't bang yourself against things!

• Some people are more prone than others to produce bruise spots. That can be a sign of kidney and liver disorders.

• Anemia can also cause bruising, as well as allergies.

• Other factors that make one more susceptible to bruising are overweight and the time of menstruation.

• Purplish bumps under the skin which do not heal and look like bruises could be a sign of AIDS. Leukemia can also cause frequent or large bruises.

• Aspirin causes internal bleeding, and can increase surface bruise marks. Also beware of anti-clotting drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, asthma medicines. Alcohol and hard drugs will weaken the clotting factors also.

• Helpful herbs include burdock, aloe vera, cayenne, kelp, and white oak bark.

• Garlic, alfalfa, and rose hips are useful.

—Also see "Bruising."

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SYMPTOMS—Cut, scraped, and torn skin from collisions, falls, or cutting with glass, metal, etc.


• If the wound is small, let the blood flow for a short time as you clean it. This helps cleanse the wound better. If the wound is larger, then you need to stop the bleeding first, and then cleanse the wound. Superficial cuts can be cleaned with soap and water or 3% hydrogen peroxide.

• Golden seal root powder helps stop bleeding and promote healing.

• Wounds may be bathed with several herbal washes or poultices, including aloe vera, comfrey, or plantain.

• Squeeze together the edges of the wound and place a butterfly bandage, or something similar, over it. Apply one for every inch of the cut. A small cut can be closed up and sealed with a Band-Aid or gauze wrapped enough to seal it, but not tight enough to hinder circulation.

• To stop bleeding, apply direct pressure. If an artery has been cut, the blood will spurt with each heart beat. Small artery cuts should receive direct pressure by your finger, pressed down over clean cloth on the wound. Larger ones may require a tourniquet to control it until you get help. But do not use a tourniquet unless you have to, for they can be dangerous if left too tight and too long. Placing the wound in ice-cold water will also tend to stop the bleeding.

• If blood soaks through your bandage, add a new one over the old one. If applying pressure does not solve the problem, elevate the limb above the level of the heart, all the while applying pressure with your finger.

• If inflammation or redness occurs later where the cut was, make a strong tea of a nonpoisonous, green herb (Goldenseal powder is the best), and soak the injured area in this hot tea for about an hour every day until it is all right. Re-bandage after each soaking.

• If a finger, etc., is cut all the way off—and there is no help available—quickly place it right back in its own blood, and hold it in place with a wrapping till you can get help. Healing will often occur. Go to the nearest hospital emergency room.

• Give vitamin C orally, to bowel tolerance (1-5 grams).

• Apply tee tree oil to prevent infection, and reapply every 2-3 hours. To accelerate healing, apply locally one or more of the following: vitamin E (it will also reduce scarring), fresh aloe vera juice, or a comfrey poultice.

—Also see "Bleeding."

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SYMPTOMS—This is an eruption of the skin, caused by two skin surfaces rubbing together (groin, breasts, underarms, or inner thighs)

CAUSE—Bacteria and yeast can grow in those areas and start an ulceration. Intertrigo primarily affects overweight women who perspire heavily or anyone who has urinary incontinence. In people with diabetes, it is more likely to develop into secondary infections. It most often occurs in warm climates and during the summer.


• Keep the skin surface clean, dry, and free of friction. Use only natural, chemical-free soaps, deodorants, and other products you place on your skin. These are available from a health food store.

• To add dryness, starch can be applied. But never use talcum (baby) powder. It is ground talc, a soft rock which can cause cancer. Do not use it on your body or a baby's.

• Improve the diet and the general health. Eat garlic, soured products, and acidophilus. Avoid sugar and refined foods, for they nourish bacteria.

• Avoid sitting in one position too long. Wear loose fitting, all cotton, clothing. Make sure it is not rubbing on the skin.

• Helpful herbs include chamomile tea, which soothes the skin, fights bacteria, and help healing occur. Aloe vera gel is also good. Tea tree oil will help the skin heal.

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SYMPTOMS—Swellings occur in various parts of the body.

CAUSE—This can be caused by bruising, sprains, infections, arthritis, or edema.


• Take bromelin (which is fresh pineapple enzyme), either in tablet form or in fresh pineapple juice.

• Make a tea out of chamomile, comfrey, white oak bark, mugwort, dill, or oregano. Drink it and apply it externally to the swelling.

• A contrast (hot and cold) bath or shower may help relieve it. Cold water alone may do it. A raw potato poultice over the area is helpful.

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SYMPTOMS—A cut or wound has occurred, and you want to avoid later scarring.


• To accelerate healing, apply locally one or more of the following: vitamin E, fresh aloe vera juice, or a comfrey poultice. Of these, vitamin E is especially good in avoiding later scarring. Apply vitamin E locally (topically) and include it in the diet. Prick an E capsule and let the oil ooze over the cut or scar. In some instances, if this is done even old scars will reduce in size and possibly disappear.

• Clean and care for all wounds, so that they heal properly. Close gaps with a butterfly bandage. This will lessen scarring. Do not pick at scabs; let healing progress naturally. Eat healthfully. Be gentle on healing wounds, when rubbing the skin, bathing, etc.

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