An astounding amount of scientific evidence disproving evolutionary theory has been uncovered. Here is part of that evidence.

Here are facts of true science which can help you and others. Knowing the truth about origins can help people live better, happier lives. You will find here the most complete collection of facts on this subject available on the worldwide web. Other creationist web sites are also listed.


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The Origin of Stars and Planets

THE ORIGIN OF MATTER 54 scientific facts disproving the Big Bang evolutionary theory about the origin of matter and the stars [3]

Related major topics: Origin of the Stars / Origin of the Solar System / Laws of Nature

Scientists Speak about the Origin of Matter: Research scientists explain the 12 reasons why the origin of matter theories are foolishness [4]
The Elemental Forces of the Universe: How very amazing they are
3 Men Who Gave Us Our Modern Stellar Theories: It is surprising to learn more about them

THE ORIGIN OF THE STARS 52 scientific facts disproving evolutionary origins of galaxies and stars [2]

Related major topics: Origin of Matter/ Origin of the Solar System / Laws of Nature

Scientists Speak about Stellar Evolution: Researchers give 8 reasons, plus more, why the theory is erroneous [2]
Recent History of Cosmological Theories: The astounding story behind them [2]
Interstellar Space Rocket Travel: 12 reasons why it will never happen

THE ORIGIN OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM 46 facts disproving evolutionary theories about the origin of our sun, planets, and moons [2]

Related major topics: Origin of Matter / Origin of the Stars / Origin of the Earth/ Age of the Earth / Laws of Nature

Scientists Speak about the Origin of the Solar System: The fanciful theories do not agree with the facts
The Age of the Universe: Scientific evidences indicating that it is relatively youthful
Astronomy Class Discussion: A student explains some facts to his university professor

The Origin and Age of the Earth

THE ORIGIN OF THE EARTH The scientific discovery that the foundational rocks of our continents were formed solid within a few minutes [2]

Related major topics: Origin of the Solar System / Age of the Earth / Dating of Time / Primitive Environment

Brief Summary of Gentry's Findings: A remarkable collection of 21 scientific discoveries
Scientists Speak about Gentry's Findings: Researchers are baffled by what he found

THE AGE OF THE EARTH 59 evidences that the earth is only a few thousand years old [2]

Related major topics: Origin of the Solar System / Origin of the Earth / Dating of Time

How Far Back Do the Records Go?: Every type of historical record mysteriously stops a few thousand years ago [2]

DATING OF TIME IN EVOLUTION Evidence that the 19 evolutionary dating methods are not reliable and do not correctly date materials on earth [2]

Related major topics: Origin of the Earth / Age of the Earth

Scientists Speak about Radiodating: Attempts at radiodating only result in confusion
Scientists Speak about Radiocarbon Dating: The unreliability of carbon-14 dating.
Radiodating Confusion: 16 basic reasons why non-historical dating methods do not work
Paleoradionics Class Discussion: A student teaches his university professor

The Origin of Life: Requirements

THE PRIMITIVE ENVIRONMENT Evidence disproves the self-origination of life forms in our world [2]

Related major topics: DNA and Cells/ Laws of Nature / Origin of the Earth

Scientists Speak about the Origin of Life: The experts have not the slightest idea how it could have happened
Why Life Could Not Self-originate: 30 scientific reasons why it could not happen
Biochemistry Class Discussion: A student clarifies some facts to his university professor

DNA AND CELLS Genetic facts disprove the possibility that life forms could originate themselves [2]

Related major topics: Primitive Environment / Natural Selection / Mutations/ Laws of Nature / Dating of Time

Scientists Speak about DNA: There is no way it could originate by chance
Scientists Speak about the Cell: The cell is too impossibly complex to be accidentally formed
Genetics Class Discussion: Let us sit in on the conversation

The Origin of Life: Mechanisms

NATURAL SELECTION The falsity of so-called "natural selection" as a means of producing new life forms. There have been no trans-species changes [2]

Related major topics: DNA and Cells/ Mutations / Fossils and Strata / Ancient Man
Scientists Speak about Natural Selection: Research scientists tell us that natural selection does not go across true species
The Moths and the Finches: The two best examples of evolutionary species change
Circular Reasoning, Its Own Proof: Reasoning in a circle occurs when two things are said to cause each other
Planned Breeding vs. Natural Selection: This study reveals a major flaw in the "natural selection" theory [2]

MUTATIONS Mutations, the only other alternate evolutionary mechanism for self-producing new life forms, can only produce damaged results which die within a few generations, without having produced new species [2]

Related major topics: Natural Selection/ Laws of Nature
Scientists Speak about Mutations: Respected scientists declare that mutations cannot produce new species [2]
Six Strange Teachings of Evolution: Six peculiar ideas, which evolutionists declare to be basic operating requirements of evolution [2]
Fruit Flies Speak Up: Research with fruit flies to prove the possibility of evolution trans-species changes began in 1904. Now, over 90 years later, although bombarded by every possible type of mutation-causing device, not one fruit fly has ever changed to a different species
An Evolutionist's Paradise: Here is where, according to the theory, evolution should be able to occur
The Monster Mutation Theory: This totally unreal theory was developed when it was discovered that neither natural selection nor regular mutations could produce cross-species changes
Scientists Speak about the Monster Mutation Theory: Scientists discuss the lunacy of what is becoming the leading evolutionary theory of our time [2]
The Three Evolutionary Mechanisms: There are only three possible ways that evolution of life forms could occur—and all three have been disproved
Biology Class Discussion: A student instructs his teacher

SPECIES EVOLUTION This is an important subject. Evolution requires that one species can change into a different one—so let us look at the species

Related major topics: DNA and Cells/ Natural Selection / Mutations / Fossils and Strata / Ancient Man
Scientists Speak about Speciation: Research specialists want you to know the truth: cross-species changes do not occur [2]
Origin of the Species Unknown: Scientists tell us that no one really knows how any species originated
Millions of Years for One Species: Evolutionists admit that, according to their theory, it would take millions of years to produce just one new species!

Ancient Evidence Against Evolution

FOSSILS AND STRATA Fossils and strata should show the evidence that evolution has occurred, but over a hundred years of digging has not found it [3]

Related major topics: Effects of the Flood / Ancient Man / Paleomagnetism/ Drift and Tectonics / Archaeological Dating
Scientists Speak about Fossils: The astounding truth about fossils is well-known by paleontologists, but the public is kept ignorant of it [2]
The Problem of Geological Overthrusts: This one is truly unbelievable! The evolutionists will try to move mountains to support their theory! [2]
Fossils and Rocks: Circular Reasoning: Each is dated by the other!
Paleontology Class Discussion: This is a conversation we want to hear

ANCIENT MAN Evidence showing that humans did not evolve from apes or descend from anything else [3]

Related major topics: Fossils and Strata/ Archaeological Dating / Effects of the Flood
Scientists Speak about Ancient Man: The evidence reveals that there are no ape-men in our ancestry
Funny Stories about Your Supposed Ancestors: Are we really supposed to believe this foolishness?
The Glen Rose and Antelope Springs Tracks: Footprints from the past which haunt evolutionists
The Story of Piltdown Man: Evolutionary history is full of frauds. Here is one of them
Artists to the Aid of Evolution: How misleading art work is used to help "prove" evolution
Anthropology Class Discussion: A student fills some gaps in his professor's understanding

EFFECTS OF THE FLOOD The greatest cataclysm in earth's history left its mark everywhere [2]

Related major topics: Fossils and Strata/ Ancient Man / The Truth about Archaeological Dating

Creation and the Flood in Chinese: Ancient Chinese picture writing portrays the past
Why the Dinosaurs Died Out: Scientific facts you will be interested in
The Genesis Flood: The gigantic water explosion, as described in Genesis [2]

Current Evidence Against Evolution

SIMILARITIES: The theory of cross-species similarities, as an evidence of evolution, is basic to evolution but is disproved by scientific facts

Related major topics: Natural Selection/ History of Evolutionary Theory / Evolution and Society
Scientists Speak about Similarities: Scientists declare that similarities among different creatures does not imply common ancestry

Chromosome Comparisons: Chromosomes and DNA ought to directly tell us which species are related to which

VESTIGES: This is another peculiar evolutionary theory which is totally without scientific foundation

Related major topics: Similarities /History of Evolutionary Theory / Evolution and Society
Scientists Speak about Vestiges: Researchers explain the foolishness of this theory

RECAPITULATION: Haeckel's fraudulent hoax has repeatedly been declared untrue

Related major topics: Similarities / History of Evolutionary Theory / Evolution and Society
Scientists Speak about Recapitulation: The experts are disgusted with this hoax, yet it continues to be printed in books
Haeckel's Fraudulent Charts: The story behind them

THE LAWS OF NATURE VS. EVOLUTION The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics totally annihilates evolutionary theory [2]

Related major topics: Origin of Matterand most other topics in this series
Scientists Speak about the Laws of Nature: They tell us facts which evolutionists do not want to admit [2]

DRIFT AND TECTONICS: Information on so-called continental drift and plate tectonics

Paleomagnetism: Scientific data on the wandering poles and magnetic reversals

Historical Evidence Against Evolution

THE HISTORY OF EVOLUTIONARY THEORY Read for yourself how the theory developed—and some of the hoaxes, sensationalism, suppression, and frauds used to spread it [3]

Related major topics: Origin of Matter/ Origin of the Solar System / Evolution and Society / Evolution and Our Schools / Archaeological Dating / Primitive Environment / Ancient Man
Darwin's Voyage around the World: During his famous five-year sea voyage, Darwin found no evidence of evolution
Darwin's Strange Sickness: A careful biographer has at last found the cause of Darwin's 36-year illness (1846 to 1882)
The Case of Archaeopteryx: There is sound evidence that this is yet another evolutionary hoax [2]
Fairy Tales for Big People: The cows that lived in the ocean for millions of years and other delightful evolutionists' stories
Panspermia: The fantastic "life spore" theory flies in the face of scientific facts and common sense
Wistar Destroys Evolution: A special major meeting of scientists which concluded, on the basis of new evidence, that evolutionary theory was dead
Evolutionists Explain their Objectives: They tell you the real reasons why they cling to a bankrupt theory
The Best Evidences of Evolution: There are no scientific evidences supporting evolutionary theory, but the theorists have come up with some others. These are their best ones?
Only Two Alternatives: Scientists tell us there are only two alternative explanations: evolution or creation

Social Evidence Against Evolution

EVOLUTION AND SOCIETY Consider the effect evolution has had on civilization, warfare, psychology, law, literature, communism, crime, and more [2]

Related major topics: History of Evolution / Evolution and Our Schools
Evolution is a Religious Faith: Evolutionists and scientists both agree: Evolution is a religion, which must be accepted by faith

EVOLUTION AND OUR SCHOOLS The evolutionists are determined to take over the schools and direct the minds of the youth

Related major topics: History of Evolution / Evolution and Society
Evolution and the Polls: Parents, teachers, and students want creation taught in the schools
Court Cases: The Teaching of Creation in the Schools: Here is what the major court cases have decided

THE TRUTH ABOUT ARCHAEOLOGICAL DATING The fraudulent effort to change archaeological dating. Archaeological finds do confirm the Bible, after all! [2]

Related major topics: Fossils and Strata/ Ancient Man / Effects of the Flood / Evolution and Society /Evolution and Our Schools

The evidence is clear. Share it with others so they can know the truth also. The error that everything made itself and is accountable only to itself—instills doubt, ruins morals, and devastates lives.