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Health Books

THE NATURAL REMEDIES ENCYCLOPEDIA: The NEW Seventh Edition of the 8 x 11, hardback NATURAL REMEDIES ENCYCLOPEDIA Loaded with New Features! Call us for current price at (931) 692-2777

International Meat Crisis— An astonishing book with the latest data. Part 1 is all about Mad Cow Disease and what you should know to protect your family. Part 2 contains the truth about animal feed, bovine growth hormones, slaughter houses, major human diseases from eating meat, diseases in food animals. The truth about chickens, fish, pigs, and milk cows. and much more. Pprbk 176 pp.

Vaccination Crisis— This book is filled with vital information regarding each of the vaccines, as well as their aftereffects. Are vaccines mandatory? In-depth analysis! of mandatory vaccination laws. Invaluable sources of information for those who wish to avoid vaccination. Important principles to keep in mind when confronting legal authorities with your concern.

The Ministry of Healing One of the most comprehensive books ever written on physical, mental and spiritual health. Topics include - Natural Healing, Disease Prevention, Nutrition and Diet, Conquering Stress, Mental Health, Answers to Depression, Prayer for the sick, Family and Marital Happiness, and Child Training. Pprbk, 360 pp. Millions of copies of Ministry of Healing have been sold over the decades.


You Can Quit Tobacco— One of the most complete books on quitting tobacco you can find. And it is all carefully and simply explained, point by point. Reasons why you must quit. Step by step instructions explaining how to quit. Ways to help you carry it through to success. Nutritional information that will help you eliminate the cravings. Weight control helps. And much, much more.

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Creation Books

Consider these facts: Evolution teaches that everything was made by random, purposeless events. Anything that RANDOM CHANCE can make out of sand and seawater in any amount of time, a TRAINED SCIENTIST in a well-equipped MILLION-DOLLAR LABORATORY can make in an hour and a half. Ask an evolutionist to make a live hummingbird. Or ask him something easy: Ask him to make a live bumble bee. 


 EVOLUTION  HANDBOOK The most complete one-volume refutation of the various theories of evolutionists available anywhere. This fascinating book is written in simple language. Beautiful cover picture with embossed title! This is the updated edition of our former book; 'Evolution Cruncher' Bigger and better and amazingly--still being sold at the same low price! 992 pgs.  See inside at:



SCIENCE VS EVOLUTION  992 pgs. Hardcover. The Facts are on one side--The Theories are on the Other! This very readable book is packed with thousands of Scientific Facts that disprove Evolution. It blows it away. Can be used as a source book for Ministers, Teachers, and Students, a Textbook for Homeschoolers or group study as well as personal reading. Many charts and Illustrations. Beautiful Hardback Book with a full color scene on the cover.

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Personal Study Books


Beyond Pitcairn — To Pitcairn and beyond to other lands and places. Come—and begin a journey into time that will finally bring you into the heart of one of history’s strangest mysteries.  

Christmas, Easter, and Halloween —Where Did They Come From? Here you will find the real story behind these holidays. An amazing collection of historical facts and insights—how they originated in ancient times, the inner meaning of each, how they entered Christianity, what historians say about them, and what the Bible reveals.



Bible Readings for the Home This book makes an excellent family worship or private devotional guide. 180 Biblical studies broken down into categories such as - The Bible, Sin: Its Origin and End, The Pathway to Christ, Life and Teachings of Jesus, Bible Prophecies, Coming Events, The Law of God, Prayer and Worship, Family and Home, and much more. A must have for serious Christians. 646 pages.


Christ’s Object Lessons The greatest sermons ever preached were given in the form of nature illustrations and parables. These sermons of Jesus have a depth of meaning hidden beneath the surface that are revealed in the pages of this book. 368 pages.



Desire of Ages The greatest book on the life of Christ according to the religion section curator of the Library of Congress. No one who reads this book will be the same. Follow the life and teachings of the Son of God as your heart is warmed by His gentleness and concern for all men. 816 pages.



Patriarchs and Prophets — A book on the first half of the Old Testament is considered one of the best of its kind. Easy to read and understand.


Great Controversy — For thousands of years the forces of good and evil have fought for the right to rule the universe. How will the war end and what is at stake? This million seller was written over 100 years ago, yet is as timely as today’s headlines.

La Gran Controversia (Spanish)— Our 800-page edition has 60 Bible, historical, and promise sections at the back of chapters.

Ask about our Hardcover versions of the Great Controversy with photographs, and paintings, many taken on location throughout Europe.  



Shelter in the Storm—  Originally published under the title "Steps to Christ" this book has led thousands to a closer walk with Jesus. Literally millions have been published in dozens of languages. 260 pages.



Steps to Christ— This 128-page book is the complete Steps to Christ. —Plus, extra chapters on Origin of Evil, a complete Sabbath Bible study, and 3 Indexes.




National Sunday Law Crisis — This 112-page book shows how Sunday Laws in England, the U.S. Colonies, and 19th and early 20th century America were a great problem. Constantine’s laws, U.S. Sunday law organizations, and 19th and 20th century U.S. court decisions reveal how close we are to the coming crisis. Contains an outstanding chapter on the Genocide Treaty and a Source Index.



The Conflict of the Ages Series : A Complete Bible Companion Library from Genesis to Revelation, in 5 volumes. Bring the pages of the Bible to life! In addition to the complete text of each book, and in easy-to-read print, each paperback has several outstanding Bible study helps:

Book One - Patriarchs and Prophets: Time lines from Creation down to the death of David. Complete set of maps of the Holy Land and Old Testament Bible story list to the death of David.

Book Two - Prophets and Kings: Time lines from Judges to the end of the Old Testament. Bible story list from Solomon to the end of the Old Testament. Two indexes.

Book Three - Desire of Ages: New Testament maps, Harmony of the Gospels, List of Bible stories in the Gospels, Principles of Healthful Living, The Crucifixion: historical, medical, and archaeological information. Two indexes.

Book Four - Acts of the Apostles: Chronological events from the Crucifixion of Christ down to A.D. 135. Chronology of the book of Acts and Epistles. Bible stories from the death of Christ to the end of the New Testament. Two indexes.

Book Five - Great Controversy: History of the Christian church and Bible prophecy for the future. Basic Steps to Christ (in the author’s words), plus 58 Bible, historical, and promise sections; many charts and historical quotations. Four indexes.



Prophet of the End— Could there be a true Modern Prophet? This 224-page book tells an amazing story of a girl, given up to die in her teens that went on to write more than any other woman has ever written!


Defending God— This special 176-page book disproves three special doctrinal slurs on God’s character. God did not create a devil. He is not the cause of our sufferings. He did not destroy His moral law. He does not torture people as soon as they die. He will not burn people forever in hellfire.



World Crisis Foretold — This 128-page book is a jewel. It relates events happening today with prophecies from the past.


World Crisis Foretold (Spanish)— This (Crisis Mundial Predicha) 144-page book is the same as its English counterpart.



Beginning of the End—This book is unique, explaining that America is in terrible danger of increasing disasters and terrorism, including why these are inevitable.


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