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Baby Pictures

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These photos are displayed here for Pro-Life, and educational purposes only.

“It's January, 2004, and that means it is time to observe Sanctity of Human Life Month. At the outset, however, I would like to hearken back to the April 2000 edition of Family News, in which I shared the remarkable story of Samuel Alexander Armas, a tiny baby boy who, at 21 weeks' gestation, underwent spinal surgery while he was still in his mother's womb.' A photographer named Michael Clancy was on hand for the procedure and captured a powerful and heart-wrenching image of Samuel's hand extending from the womb and grasping the finger of the surgeon. This dramatic photograph should have been seen by people around the world, because it illustrates the marvelous humanness of a preborn child. Unfortunately, most of the major news outlets refused to share it with the public. Given their pro-abortion bias, it isn't difficult to figure out why.” Dr. James Dobson “Family News”



8 weeks


8 weeks


16 weeks


18 weeks